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Franchises Available!


  1. What does it cost to open a Pizza Artista Franchise location?
    Cost are driven in large part by the size of the location, extent of the buildout, city and state requirments,and any Tenant Allowance negotiated with the Landlord.  Another determing factor is whether or not the space you have chosen is a retail space or a previous restaurant space. Our Franchise Disclosure Document will go into detail regarding the cost associated with opening a Pizza Artista Franchise location. However, one can expect to spend between $293,000 - $645,000..
  2. Can I purchase multiple units or an entire area?
    We do offer multi-unit and area devlopment agreements. Please contact us if you are interested in one of these options.
  3. How Profitable is a Pizza Artista Restaurant?
    We are restricted by the FTC in making sales or profit claims. However, our Franchise Disclosure Document does include actual sales information based on the most current calendar year.
  4. What differentiates Pizza Artista from its Competition?
    Pizza Artista is a S. Louisiana-based Franchise that has infused Cajun ingredients and flavors into their mix of offerings. It is the only Franchise that offers Cajun ingredients and Cajun Signature Pizzas as well as Vegetarian, Gluten-free, and Vegan offerings.Pizza Artista also has unique and award-winning Chef-inspired Pizza Offerings as well as Traditional Italian Pizza Offerings. Keeping it Fresh, is a way of life for Pizza Artista. We prepare fresh produce daily. We make our traditional and whole wheat dough from scratch daily and age them for texture and flavor.
  5. What is the minimum square footage of a Pizza Artista?
    We have restaurant layouts that range from 2400 - 3200 square feet.
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